CSG – The Movie

Posted on www.csg.co.uk/blog on November 18th 2016


It’s an exciting time for CSG’s Marketing team – not only are we about to publish a much-anticipated revision to our very own hardback corporate history Waste Matters but we’ve decided to add the ‘film’ to the ‘book’ and create our own corporate video too!

In reality, the two projects are almost opposite undertakings. We’ve always felt it important to talk about our heritage – we’ve even gone as far as to make it one of our core values – and a book is a great way to reinforce the sense of continuity and permanence for which we’re so well known. Equally, we have to admit that our strong history, however impressive, isn’t an automatic passport to winning and retaining customers in future.

In order to remain just as relevant, we’ve decided to channel another of our core values: innovation. Not only will the video allow our customers and prospective customers alike to see the inner workings at CSG, it’ll help them appreciate, as we do, that it’s our people who solve their problems and provide the progress they require from us.

It’s fair to say that the waste industry is still very often be seen as the ‘Cinderella’ of the economy – due to its very nature, many decision-makers simply want someone to help them get rid of the substances they’d rather weren’t there. Of course, that’s what we do best but in an era where legislation and procedure has grown massively, it’s fair to say that the knowledge and experience we provide are now as important to our customers as any legal or financial advice they may seek.

Professional-grade advice from the people who “empty the bins”? It might have seemed unthinkable only a couple of decades ago but that’s the reality of today’s waste industry – and that’s what our video will communicate.