CSG: Autumn ‘Leaves’ its Problem!

Posted on www.csg.co.uk/blog on November 22nd 2016


Autumn has certainly arrived and as a result, it’s a good time to think about interceptor cleaning for all businesses required to have one on their forecourt. After a mild start to season, in which the leaves tended to stay on the trees, the recent downturn in the weather has led to a massive amount of leaf-fall in a short space of time – which might not be good news for your interceptor.

While the Environment Agency recommends that interceptor cleaning should be undertaken every six months to reduce the probability of blockages, this is clearly a time of year when the potential for blockage is particularly high.

CSG are always on hand to offer an interceptor cleaning service – helping you to avoid contamination or pollution to your business premises or the surrounding area. We can provide a regular annual or bi-annual service, which includes a system of preventative measures for your commercial activity and its location.

We offer experience in all aspects relating to interceptors: emptying, cleaning, jetting, drainage and gully channel clearing as well as maintaining the interceptor’s alarm system, filters and closure systems – ensuring that you are operational all year round

Interceptors are designed to capture water, waste products and oil, but must be cleaned and maintained to ensure their continual optimum performance. Interceptors (sometimes referred to as ‘oil separators’) are found in many locations where there is a risk of oil contamination – including car parks, fuel stations, heavy goods vehicle locations, roadways and other industrial sites.