CSG: Stay Connected – We Challenge You!

Posted on http://www.csg.co.uk/blog on May 10th 2018


If you’re in business, you’ll probably be aware of the impending changes to data privacy law (known as GDPR), about to take effect. You may also have noticed lots of companies have recently started to ask you to continue to opt-in to their emails. If this is all news to you and you don’t know about GDPR, it might be a good time to read up about how it will affect your business.

Basically, the new law effectively resets many of the permissions we currently have to hold and use your contact data. If we’ve been emailing you for many years, it’s possible that we’re holding your contact data without all the permissions that GDPR now requires – which means we won’t be able to contact you from May 25th without good reason to do so, or your given permission.

Obviously, we don’t want to lose contact with any of our valued customers so between now and then, like many other companies, we’ll be encouraging as many of our contacts as possible to re-subscribe to our emails. We apologise in advance if it looks like we’re over-doing the reminder activity but we expect every other business to be doing the same – and we’ll all have to stop doing it by May 25th!

In order to keep receiving a our important industry and CSG related information via email, all you have to do is visit our Contacts page and fill in the brief form, confirm you’re not a robot and click on the red button. To make it interesting, we challenge you to see if you can do the whole thing in under sixty seconds. Are you up for that?

Ready? Hover on the link just below…aaand…go!

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