Hello…and Welcome!

Welcome to my online home.  It’s a place where you can find all my online output, snoop through all my tweets and send me an abusive email.  In return, I get to write opinionated pieces about all sorts of things and see how many of them get read.

Here, you’ll find examples of of my photography, my music and several of my opinions.  You’ll also find a number of examples of my professional writing, for a number of outlets.  I also have an archive section in which written pieces from the past can be found.

Most of my digital footprint can be accessed from here and you’re very welcome to poke around for as long as you like, tut at the rather 80s décor and even run your finger along the shelves, checking for dust.  Enjoy!


A Personal Appeal…

CJB GNS sq imgOn June 10th, my son, Charlie (aged 12) completed the half-mile course at the Great North Swim in Windermere to raise money for an amazing place called Astley Park School.  Here’s some pictures of the whole weekend.

Our friend Amelia goes to this amazing school in Chorley which caters for all her special needs. To help Astley Park continue to help Amelia and lots of other kids, please support us by visiting Charlie’s justgiving page.  All those who donate will receive an exclusive 20-second video showing Charlie being encouraged towards the finish line.  If you choose to donate anonymously, let me know or I can’t send you the video!


Paul, Helen & Charlie – and Jacquie & Warren, Amelia’s Mum and Dad 🙂

PS Here’s a blogpost with more information…