Tropic with Joy: Where It All Started

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One of the reasons I was first attracted to the Tropic range of skincare products was the fact that it was inspired by the tropical coast of North Queensland in Australia. It’s a place that holds many happy memories for me.

In 2018, we were lucky enough to visit the area, to see the Great Barrier Reef. It was a true bucket-list ‘tick’ on an amazing holiday. The only reason I wouldn’t call it a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ is that I’d love to do it all again! We’d just spent Christmas in Melbourne and New Year’s Eve in Sydney, watching the world-famous firework display from a paddle steamer in the Harbour.

After a few hours’ sleep, we checked out of our hotel on New Year’s Day and flew to Cairns, the town where Tropic’s founder, Susie Ma, grew up – the place where it all started.

We’d been advised by Australian friends that the place to explore the Barrier Reef from is a town called Port Douglas, about an hour’s drive North of Cairns. We picked up our hire car and made our way up the coast road. The stunning scenery, the exotic vegetation and the perfect beaches you see whenever you read Tropic’s literature, or the Tropic website, all reminded me of that wonderful time in our lives.

We had an amazing time at Port Douglas, including a truly magical day snorkelling on the Barrier Reef. If you ever get the chance to go, I would advise that you say yes in a heartbeat. You’ll fall in love with its unique beauty and will never forget that you were part of this tropical paradise.

Maybe, like me, you’ll feel more connected with a range of skincare products that came from the area and that respect the natural world that places like the Barrier Reef require us to, more and more. Maybe the sight of a few palm trees will take you back to being in paradise and maybe you’ll feel a permanently connection with the place, even when you’re taking care of your skin.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Australia

Tropic with Joy: Caring – More Than Skin Deep

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If you’re familiar with the Tropic range of skincare products, you’re probably aware of the the importance of creating products that are natural and cruelty-free, in harmony with the world around us. As you’d expect, the commitment to caring doesn’t end there. Tropic has an ‘Infinite Purpose’, a commitment to create a cleaner, greener, more empowered world.

A huge part of that commitment is the impact of packaging on the environment. In 2019, 0% of waste was sent to landfill and there’s a conscious effort to consider and maximise the effect of packaging on the environment. When a box of Tropic Skincare products arrives, there’s no damaging plastics to be seen and even the air-filled bubble-wrap that prevents products from being damaged in transit is made out of a specially bio-degradable, potato-based material.

As the message says, simply add this packaging material to your garden compost area, like any potato peelings, and it will simply compost down, helping wildlife – and your garden – to thrive!

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to go whale-watching, in Monterey Bay, California. We’re all now aware of the importance of keeping waste plastic out of the sea but the sight of humpback whales lunge-feeding in the wild was an emotional reminder that we should do all we can to minimise our effect on the sea – and everything that lives there!