Ah, You’re Here!

Profile Pic ideaHi.  It seems like forever since you were last here.  Welcome back!

I hope you’re having a better 2021 than 2020.  Most people would agree that that year can get in the bin and stay there.

Here at Resonation Towers, I’ve been busy with a wide range of freelance work.  One minute I’m copywriting, the next I’m data mining.  I’ve also completed a business strategy analysis.  Look out for the case studies when I’ve written them all up!  If you’re in need of any of the above, please get in touch.  My contact details are here.

Tinkety-tonk – and down with the nasties…


What’s Going On?

Tropic with Joy logo1I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently taken on the marketing and social duties for ethical skincare provider Tropic With Joy.  If you’re looking for a more planet-friendly way to look after your body on the inside and the outside, give my client’s site a look.  Your skin may thank you…

gopweldbtw4lveohhshiI like to listen to classical music while working and (as fellow ‘Wittertainees‘ may have spotted) I’m a fan of Simon Mayo so it’s unsurprising that I listen to his 10am-1pm weekday show on Scala Radio.  In it, he has a roll-call for people “WFH” (Working From Home).  Obviously, I wrote in.  On January 13th, Simon read it out on air.  Sadly the ‘listen again’ link has expired…


In July last year, I was pleased to be asked to contribute to a piece by Horse & Hound (June 23rd issue) about the potential opportunities for equestrian sports, in the light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.  As we’ve seen by the massive increase in popularity of cycling, it really is an ill wind and all that – but I’ve got to say, I’m not that optimistic that the same favourable conditions apply to the horse world…


In May last year, I was tagged in one of those Facebook ’10 Days, 10 Posts’ things, about travel.  Frustrated by the lack of opportunity to do much, it seemed like quite an alluring thing to take the idea a bit further and write a blogpost on it all.  I’m sure that looked to some like I was making too much of it all but I found it quite a cathartic lockdown exercise.  Read the blogpost here.


Last year, I became a member of ProCopywriters, the association of freelance copywriters.  My member profile is below.  If you need help with your written communications, why not take a look?

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