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Here’s a rundown of the latest notices on my parish noticeboard…

NHHA Award blur - 1STOP PRESS: Exactly 5 years after my last successful industry awards submission, I heard this week that my second-ever awards submission has also resulted in an industry award win!  I’m afraid I can’t share the client’s name because…*reasons* – hence the deliberately blurred photo….but I’m delighted to retain my 100% record.

If you’re thinking of entering your company in a ‘Best Something-Or-Other’ category in 2023, are you planning to do all the paperwork yourself? Or would you rather entrust it to someone with a better ‘win rate’ than Gareth Southgate…


Pauline_00084AData Mining: Our Past Shaping The Industry Of The Future

I only have a few memories of my great-grandfather, Horace Barker. He was one of only three people I met whom I know to have been born in the 19th Century and he died a few weeks before my 5th birthday so we didn’t have a lot of time to get to know each other. … <more>


James and Alice Bentham Colourised croppedFrom White Hall to White House

A story of my great-great grandfather: a man from Standish who visited the residence of the President, dined at the US Capitol and didn’t quite become a wine mogul in California… <more>


trtwp-ofcBook Review: The Road to Wigan Pier

Mention George Orwell and the mind most readily turns to his two masterpiece novels, ‘Animal Farm’ and, of course, ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. Together, these two modern classics constitute a third of his body of fiction in a career curtailed… <more>


Weekly Pic

15 years ago | Great Langdale Campsite, Langdale Valley, Cumbria | 22nd March 2008

That Time I Woke Up In A Snowstorm

From my first year at University, it became something of a tradition for us to go camping in the Lake District over the Easter Weekend. More on that in weeks to come but in 2008, fifteen years after our first camping weekend, we decided to resurrect the old tradition….

Next Week’s Weekly Pic

30 years ago | Shevington Moor – South Woodham Ferrers, Essex | 27th March 1993

That Time I Still Can’t Say What I Did

Thirty years ago, I spent a weekend in Essex, visiting family.  Just over two years after passing my driving test, it was by far the furthest drive I’d done at that point.  And it involved the setting of something of a milestone which I doubt I’ll ever come close to repeating…

The Week After Next’s Weekly Pic

30 years ago | Drunken Duck Inn, Barngates, Cumbria | 9th April 1993

That Time I Discovered The Drunken Duck

In our first year at University, a few of us decided to meet up in the Lake District over the Easter weekend.  We arrived at the campsite at Low Wray, on the north-western shore of Windermere and set up our tents.

With everyone having assembled by around tea-time on the Maundy Thursday, there was nothing else left to do but go to the pub.  But where was it?

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