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Thanks for popping in. Perhaps you’re here to see my series of anniversaries of significant things I’ve done and seen.  You may remember it from such recollections as ‘That Time I Nearly Died’ and ‘That Time I Threw Up Over The Grand Canyon’….

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My ‘Weekly Pics’ series – marking the anniversary of various events…

Or perhaps it’s the more serious, professional stuff I can bedazzle you with, like hardcore database marketing theory and why some Marketing buzz-words are more important and less worthy of derision than you might think…


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trtwp-ofcBook Review: The Road to Wigan Pier

Mention George Orwell and the mind most readily turns to his two masterpiece novels, ‘Animal Farm’ and, of course, ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. Together, these two modern classics constitute a third of his body of fiction in a career curtailed… <more>


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5 years ago | Chamberlains Farm, Shevington Moor | 5th June 2018

That Time I Was In The ‘Horse & Hound’

Five years ago, I was asked for a quote for a piece in the Horse & Hound, To be honest, it sounds more auspicious than it probably is. If you were anyone in the sprockets and grommets market, you’d soon end up getting quoted in Sprockets & Gromits Weekly (or whatever it is) but anyone of any prominence in the ‘horse world’ will, sooner or later, end up in ‘H&H‘, one of our country’s more idiosyncratic publications.

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15 years ago | MEN Arena, Manchester | 18th June 2008

That Time I Went To The Police

Fifteen years ago, Helen and I were given tickets to watch The Police, on their reunion tour, in Manchester. It was a brilliant night, especially as it was one that, for so long, had looked like it would never happen. Eventually, the warring factions (Messers Copeland, Summers and Sting) settled their differences and decided to have one last hurrah together. And so, in a packed MEN Arena we cheered all the old favourite tracks on a sultry night in Manchester.

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30 years ago | Lancaster University, Lancaster | c.19th June 1993

That Time I Partied For About Two Weeks

Thirty years ago, I was about to have an epiphany. Having just completed my first year at University, I had my first experience of its colleges’ end-of-year ‘Extravaganza’ all-night parties – or “Extravs”. They are (or certainly were) reasonably priced, very ‘liquid’ and often with well-known or up-and-coming live acts they’re held between 6pm and 6am. Oh and there are eight of them – one for each college…

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20 years ago | Mount Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa, Gwynedd |30th June 2003

That Time I Scaled A Mountain

Twenty years ago, I met up with a bunch of University friends for a watershed reunion and the chance to climb the highest mountain in Wales. Today, it’s correctly referred to as Yr Wyddfa but back then, it was overwhelmingly known as ‘Mount Snowdon’. Thankfully, by the new millennium, available technology and convention had decreed that one of our number had brought a digital camera…

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The Week After The Week After The Week After The Week After Next’s Weekly Pic

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