Do You Need Some Resonation?

Are you looking to create compelling communications that invite the reader to go much further than simply consuming information?  With a degree in Marketing and over 20 years’ experience in the field, here’s how I can add resonation to your company’s communications:

Analysis – Understanding your customers’ behaviour types by interrogating the data you hold on them.  Knowledge is power and your greater understanding of customer behaviour leads to a better, more productive relationship with them – and fewer missed opportunities for you.

Examples:  NDAs prevent me from giving any examples of analysis work I’ve done but I’d be interested principally in your ratio of business that comes from different types of customer, the regularity of your repeat custom and the attrition of your first-time customers.  I can also analyse geographically and on almost any particular axis you happen to hold sufficient data.

Copywriting – “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, an almost inexhaustible source of magic – capable of inflicting injury and remedying it”.  [Albus Dumbledore]

Okay, it was JK Rowling but her point is well made: language is not just there to transmit information, it’s also there to convey emotion.  If you’re trying to compel a decision to buy, doesn’t it make sense to appeal to someone’s heart as well as their head?

Examples:  From March 2017, I began to write a column in the Equestrian Trade News, a monthly trade title.  I’ve also done some freelance blog-writing for Cleansing Service Group (CSG).  In addition, here’s a link to some of the Robinsons blogposts I wrote.    For more examples of my writing capability, have a look at my own blog.

Videography/Photography – I have commissioned enough photography to know what’s required.  I understand the rules of composition and I’m experienced in working a particular type of shot into a design.  Commercial creativity isn’t art in the truest sense and it’s helpful to use people who understand the difference.

Examples:  Here you can find a 10-minute video I produced for a local plastic reclamation company.  You can also find here a selection of my photography.  If you want to see more, then head over to my Flickr page for thousands of pictures that I’ve taken and uploaded.

If any of the above sounds uncomfortably familiar, maybe I can help.  Not only can I write selling copy that’s error-free, clear and emotive, I ensure it adheres to the science of marketing; teaser, direct address, proposition, USP, comparison, call to action etc.  Not everyone thinks of writing selling copy as a science but there’s far more to it than nice-sounding “fluff”.

If you’re intrigued, why not get in touch and we’ll see what we can do together?  I’ve sat on your side of the desk and I know what your concerns will be.  I know you’ll be worried about paying a fortune and expecting a whole load of fluffy “concept” without any hint of cold, hard facts to show you whether or not it was money well spent.  You should be bothered about that – I always used to be.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive and demonstrably effective a bit of resonation can be for you.

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